July 15, 2013

Pop Light

The drive from Joshua Tree to Las Vegas takes one through one of the most beautifully empty spaces in the country. After leaving 29 Palms, the driver passes only a handful of tiny towns on their way through the Mojave Desert. Out there things are a more surreal. So it was with little surprise several years ago when, from a few miles away, I saw a colorful glowing light in the empty night. When I got closer I discovered what looked to be a Homestead Act shack ablaze with a light show.

The light show turned out to be the work of Helena Bongartz. Her art happens on Friday and Saturday nights just south of Amboy, CA. As I drove back and forth to Red Rocks many times while living in Joshua Tree I was lucky enough to see it more than once. I tried to take some pictures but my camera skills are feeble. Fortunately Vic is more capable and he was able to get a few shots on our way home from a trip to Zion.

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